13 Years of Dating and Still Looking!

by Amy on January 21, 2010 · 2 comments

Introducing our L.A. correspondent…we’ll call her Amy from L.A. so as not to confuse her with Amy from Nashville!  Amy from L.A., tell us about yourself!

I thought rather than jumping into the dating scene in LA, I’d give you a little preface of where I’m coming from and all that has influenced my love life. 

Of course I have to begin with the college football player/boyfriend of two years who broke my heart by cheating and lying.  That’s how my love life began.  Many dates through college (remember it was college, though), and then I finally opened up to an older gentleman who had three children, but for some reason I couldn’t stop dating him.  All my friends were used to me dating for two weeks and then finding an excuse to stop talking to him, always moving on. 

In my true adult life I finally found the one with whom two weeks turned into two months turned into two years.  One day it dawned on me that he couldn’t be the one, that I wanted more in life, wanted to move out of Kentucky, wanted children of my own someday, but I couldn’t let go of him.  So I moved from Kentucky to Nashville, and then, shortly after I moved, wouldn’t you know, I found out he, too, had cheated on me.  I wish I could say that was that with him, but he’s my best friend to this day…but check back for future blogs, because I think it’s time to “let go” soon. 

Over the last three years there’s been this wall and attitude sometimes where I think I’m better off by myself and have “fun” dating around rather than settling down.  Of course I realize that’s because I haven’t met “the one,” but when I do, I have to wonder, will I let him in, and — the biggest challenge — trust again? 

I’ve dated everyone from bartenders to salesmen, pro-athletes, musicians, artist-tour managers, stockbrokers, realtors — you name it and I’ve been out with him.  My guy friends tell me I think like a guy when it comes to dating.  For example, it annoys me half the time when a guy calls the next day after a great date….really???  Or, I like to reel ’em in, then drop ’em.  (I know it’s awful…I don’t do that often, so don’t worry.) 

But now, having arrived in LA, I can tell that I’m closer to narrowing in on what I want and what I think I deserve.  I truly believe that all the good ones are not gone yet!

Now that you know the past, I hope you enjoy the future with me.  Boy, do I have some stories to share and more stories to come.  This city is filled with just about every type of person that can possibly exist, so dating in La La Land has been and will continue to be quite the adventure.

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the urban dater January 21, 2010 at 5:52 pm

Wow. That’s quite a story there. I am definitely looking forward to reading about your dating foibles and mishaps in the city where no one ever walks. =)

Good luck!

Marcie January 22, 2010 at 6:30 pm

Hi Amy from (hell)A.,

Well, we seem to share some commonalities as far as dating and dropping them soon and the plethora of different kinds of men. I was of the three-month rule. Usually, I knew by then that he was either the “good one” that I wanted to be with long-term or he was going bye-bye. Now, I’m trying to realize that sometimes the “one” might need some grooming. My friend enlightened me with this scenario with her relationship and now she’s engaged. Go figure!

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