Good-One-Searching 2.0: Download an App

by Donovan on January 18, 2010 · 1 comment

World, meet Minneapolis Correspondent Donovan!  Donovan, floor’s yours…

Donovan’s iPhone, Minneapolis. Minneapolis has its share of good ones.  Or so I’m told.  It seems, however, I’m having a bit of a hard time finding one.

Being a single guy in a place where the single-girl-to-single-guy ratio is about 47% to 53% is a challenge at best.  Factor in my age (40), and scarce opportunities to meet new singles, and it becomes quite the conundrum. Although I haven’t been actively seeking a romance (any more than usual, anyway.  Single guys are ALWAYS looking.  If they tell you otherwise, they’re lying.  Either that or they’re too busy playing video games in their parents’ basement) lately, I’ve been experimenting with new ways to meet people, specifically using social media.

Generally, sites like Facebook, MySpace, and even Twitter, have been thought of as places to connect and keep in touch with friends you already know.  But with a little more effort toward interacting with other users these can be great places to meet new friends through common interests, groups, or through people you already know.

I’m a big fan of just meeting new and interesting people rather than always having the goal of romance on my mind.  So a couple of mobile, location-based iPhone apps have been fun for me.  Foursquare and Gowalla both have the same concept:  Check in at different places when you’re out and about.  People can then find you and meet up with you.  You can even ping your location to Facebook and Twitter.  It’s a great way to schedule an impromptu night out with friends, but it also encourages you to get out and explore more by offering points, badges, and other perks that turn these apps into fun games. Both apps are available for iPhone.  Palm, Android, and Blackberry only support Foursquare as of this writing, but not Gowalla.

The key to finding a Good One is to get out more, and social media can provide a great opportunity to do just that.

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Marcie January 19, 2010 at 2:31 pm

Hi Donovan,

Welcome! Nice article. Thanks for the mentioning the iphone app. I had checked those apps out about a month ago and decided to nix the idea, basically because, what if I don’t want to talk to that weird geeky guy who’s “linked” on this website, and the cute one in the corner’s been eyeing me all night but geeky guy won’t leave me alone? Or worse…a stalker!!! S-c-a-r-y! Let me know how your results are. I’m curious.

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