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From L.A. Correspondent Amy…, LA.  I moved to LA after getting laid off and rehired with a company that just merged with a large entertainment company.  I moved to better my career, learn more about new genres of music, and work with some of the largest acts in the industry.  And now I may not have a job in a month.  So I was at home the other night searching job sites and emailing my Linked In contacts when I got an email from  And I couldn’t help but join the FREE dating site.  Have you seen the men on there in the LA zip codes?  If nothing else, it’s fun to look!

So I logged on, wishing I had the same attitude and dedication on dating sites as I do on  I have to tell you, though, the first night I joined was entertaining ― I received three emails almost instantly:

Email #1:  “Hey, welcome to LA! I live in Marina Del Rey right on the water. Want to go sailing sometime?” Ummm, sailing? What was your name again? 

Email #2:  “Hi, I’m from Egypt, moved to LA to pursue acting.  Where do you live in LA?”  I’m in Westwood, he’s in the Valley, he called me during the day because he’s not working.  “Where do you live” is a crucial question in LA, because no one in their right mind would sit on the 405 for an hour just to go on a date.  Conclusion: The Egyptian and this Kentucky girl did not have much in common. 

Email #3:  “Hi, I’m in Santa Monica. What brings you to LA?”  Yay!  He’s close, looks cute in his pictures and started a nice conversation.  After talking on the phone a couple of times, we met after work one day for a drink.  Sports bar, in between our places, ended up having such a great time that we met up the next night too.  The following week we had plans to go see Chicago and Foreigner, and then I got the text: “Can I shower at your house in the morning?”  Excuse me?????  I don’t remember inviting you over.  But the killer was when he ended the text conversation with…“Lick ’em.”  What 34-year-old-man texts that phrase to someone he barely knows…um, or texts that at all?  Don’t worry, I never responded, ever again. 

So it seems job hunting is exactly like dating.  You find some that interest you and others that don’t.  Whether you’re on or, you network to meet people, scan descriptions to see if you meet the qualifications and whether you “want to apply,” check the location and whether you’re willing to commute for the right job/man, email your resume to introduce yourself.  And if it’s a potential fit, you set up the first interview. Then there are the interview questions: Why are you qualified for this job? What are you looking for in your next “position”? You studied and prepared for the interview, reminding yourself to say all the right things, reviewed the company profile to show you’ve done your research, you remember he said he likes football, so you bring up the Superbowl…ya dah ya dah ya dah.  And if you get the job, you’re excited for this new opportunity.

So with all the parallels, why can’t I put forth the same enthusiasm when it comes to dating?  I gave up on after three unsuitable emails.  You wouldn’t give up on a job search after three “no’s.”  It’s so easy to become lazy when it comes to dating because it literally is like job hunting ― it’s exhausting! 

I had a friend remind me just this week that life is so much easier as a single.  But life isn’t easy without a job.  Maybe that’s why I don’t try as hard when it comes to searching for a mate. 

I just realized I’ve been laid off twice now before the age of 30, and I’ve dated two long-term cheaters.  Maybe the third time really is the charm…if I keep at the search.  Moral of the story:  Dating is a job.  Keep looking and eventually you’ll find the right fit.

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Rachel February 22, 2010 at 1:42 pm

Love your face:)

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