In the Spring a Young Man’s Fancy Lightly Turns to Thoughts of Liberty of London

by Amy on April 3, 2010 · 0 comments

So says Tennyson (more or less).  And, according to yesterday, he seems to have been dead on in this assessment.

I’m pretty sure it was my new Liberty of London maxi-dress from Target.  (If you’ve not already bought out the store like I have you’re out of luck.)  Anyway, Liberty of London and the spring in my step because the temps topped 80 and blossoms coated every tree and the air smelled like flowers.  I was leaving my new office (uh huh, the same office I suspected recently in this very blog might be ripe for Good-One hunting).  It being Good Friday, the front doors were locked from the outside, requiring a code to get in.  So this handsomish fellow was outside trying to type in his code but it kept getting rejected, and his handsomish face looked frustrated.

Amy to the rescue.  I swung out the door in my Liberty of London manner (read: feminine and confident and stylish) and said, “There you go,” holding the door open for him.

Handsomish Fellow looked up and started to say, “Thanks, um…” and I swished on by, and I heard him whisper (I think), “Wow.”

When I told my sister this story, she couldn’t get past the fact that I’d probably let some psycho into the building who didn’t belong.  And I’m not POSITIVE he said, “Wow.”  But I think so.

To be continued.

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