Men Are Like Socks…

by Amy on May 13, 2010 · 2 comments

From LA Correspondent Amy…

SATC fans, you know the episode when Carrie writes about her sock drawer because her love life is so boring?  Well, that’s my life right now.  What’s even worse is that all of my single friends are in the same boat.  Maybe it’s the season — men are getting back into golf, taking boats out, vacationing — something, because even here in LA with the Lakers being in the playoffs and the Dodgers/Angels back at it, I can’t seem to find one man at local sports establishments whom I’d like to talk to.  But, I’m still looking!!!

My single friends here in LA are all extremely hard-working career women, which limits our time to date — or hunt, for that matter.  Maybe there is a bit of Samantha in all of us:  We want to have it all, but we don’t have time for it all.

So because I don’t have any recent dating stories, I’m meeting some single girlfriends at a hotel bar in Santa Monica.  We’re looking for the locals and the out-of-towner business men…hopefully some stories to come! Keep looking, ladies…they have to be out there somewhere!

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Marcie May 13, 2010 at 10:59 am

Huh, weird! Must be an LA thing. I’m having the opposite affect here in Chicago. Now that the weather has FINALLY broken a bit, the men are coming out in droves to every event. I’ve met two men in the course of a week and already have had a date. We’ll see how it goes. Nice guy, but aren’t they all at first ;-) ? Good luck in finding him, if “Mr. Big” really exists! Can’t wait for SATC2! My gal-pals and I are going to watch it sipping cocktails at one of the new theaters that serves you booze and apps while you watch your movies.

Valerie May 14, 2010 at 12:19 pm

oh my gosh, sipping booze while watching SATC2 sounds like the ultimate girl night of my dreams!

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