I Killed HotEnough.org

by Amy on July 30, 2010 · 0 comments

No sooner did I confidently (and under the influence of mild heatstroke on the hottest day of the summer) press “submit” on my application to see if I’m “hot enough” to e-frolic with the members of the dating website hotenough.org (see my application experience here) then the website disappeared from cyberspace.  Poof.  Like the island on Lost at the end of Season Four.  According to Internet Explorer, “The webpage cannot be found.”

The timing of this sudden disappearance is awfully suspect, coming mere days after the submission of my application. Perhaps my application was like the sun, so blindingly hot that even the sizzling panelists at hotenough.org couldn’t bear to look directly at me.  Or perhaps the HotEnough folks pulled the website offline temporarily so they didn’t have to break the news that I’m less than above average in their eyes.  (“We’ll just go offline for a few days so that poor girl thinks we’re out of business and we don’t have to declare her a 5 to her face.  But that…gasp…light blue shirt with red embroidery…snicker, guffaw!  What the hell was she thinking?  Hot enough?  Ba ha ha ha ha!”)

I’ll let you know if HotEnough.org rises from the ashes.  In the meantime, I’ve been kicking around some alternative competing dating websites:







Hmmmmm.  Now that I think about it, maybe we’ll just wrap all of the above into one website and call it:  GoodOnes.org.

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