Wendy + Scott: A Class Reunion Love Story

by Amy on July 10, 2010 · 1 comment

Today is Wendy’s wedding day.  When she was growing up in tiny Mott, North Dakota, Scott lived a block away, but he never would have noticed her.  He was the popular senior who played basketball, and football, and ran track.  She was the clean-cut cute kid five years his junior.

Wendy grew up to be quite the catch.  So did Scott.  They both caught, or were caught, and lived the first part of their lives separated by states and miles.

Last summer Wendy went back to a class reunion in Mott a single girl.  She stopped into the bar on Main Street to talk to her brother.  He mentioned, “Scott Friedt wants to talk to you.”

She got nervous.  Why in the world would Scott Friedt want to talk to her?  Should she go over and talk to him? 

But she did.  “Hi.  Did you want to talk to me?”

“Yes,” he said, and put his arm around her.  They talked and talked, and she knew something was different about this conversation.  She gave him her number, but he didn’t give her his.  She was sure he’d never call her again.  She was just the kid sister, after all.

But he did call her.  And emailed, too.  And Facebooked.  Their running joke became, “If I proposed, where would we get married?”  “If I were to say yes, where would we have the reception?”  They planned the whole wedding-to-be that way.  Even the proposal.  When he proposed, she was supposed to break into Meatloaf’s, “Will you love me, will you love me forever?”  And he was supposed to answer, “Let me sleep on it.  Baby, baby, let me sleep on it.”

On Thanksgiving Day 2009, he asked her to go hiking.  She wanted to go to the gym.  But all the gyms were closed, so she supposed hiking would be fine.  They hiked to a pretty view, and she was admiring it nonchalantly when Scott said behind her, “Wendy.”  And fumbled in his pockets for something.  She was too nervous to sing Meatloaf.  “Yes!” she said instead.  

A year to the day they met for the second time for real this time Wendy and Scott will walk down the aisle in the Trinity Lutheran Church in Mott, the church at the top of the hill made all of stone.  The day has dawned beautifully.  The fields decorating their day are a patchwork of blue flax and yellow canola, prettier than Provence. 

Best wishes on your glorious wedding day, Wendy and Scott!  Thanks for reminding us that you never know when love will find you.

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Jenny Hjelmstad July 15, 2010 at 9:29 am

Well done! The story, as well as the telling! Yes, there are tears in my eyes!!
Congratulations to both of you, and many many happy-ever-afters!

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