Evolution of a Birthday Wish

by Amy on February 8, 2011 · 2 comments

It was the trend at birthday parties of my youth to count the number of your boyfriends by the number of lit candles left on your birthday cake after your effort to blow them all out.  “Amy has a boyfriend!” the partygoers would shout if one lit candle remained.  Heaven forbid two or more flames were left a-burning, lest you be labeled a floozy.   The guffaws were especially loud when some prankster substituted the plain wax candles with the magical “impossible to extinguish” variety.  Back then the flameworthy evidence of a boyfriend was a shameful thing, because few of my friends (with the exception of Danette and Kristie) admitted to liking boys, especially in front of one’s mother.  Anyway, it was more fun to lick the seven-minute frosting off the candles and dig into the confetti-specked angel-food cake.

By sixth grade, leaving at least one candle lit on your cake became fashionable, because securing a boyfriend (and a date for the movies) was the goal of the hour.  Naming the remaining lit candle was imperative.  “Woooooo!  Chad!”  Never mind that Chad liked Stephanie, who liked Matthew.  For the moment he was as promising as the shiny flame dancing atop that pink-and-white-striped stick.  You were the birthday girl, after all, and he was your wish.

By high school you abandoned this childish tradition…but when reminded to make a wish while blowing out the candles, you silently pleaded for the high-school quarterback to become your boyfriend.

In college you were too busy making out with your boyfriend in the corner of the keg party to wish for anything, and, anyway, you didn’t need to, because you already had your wish, and twelve others filling ‘er up around the keg if this one didn’t work out.

In your late twenties you didn’t eat birthday cake, because it was bad for you, and so were boyfriends, because you had a world to conquer.  Anyway, what does that word mean, “boyfriend”?  A ridiculous word.

The day you turned 30, you went to blow out the single candle on your chocolate molten cake at your favorite restaurant and were secretly pleased to discover someone had replaced it with one of those magical “impossible to extinguish” varieties, because that meant maybe you would finally find your husband that year.  Aloud, though, you wished for world peace and a greener earth.

By your thirty-fifth birthday you stopped wasting your breath wishing for a man.  But you made sure to get your annual cake fix in the form of the new trend: cupcakes.

And suddenly you find yourself smack in the middle of another birthday.  What’s a girl to do?  You could forego the cake, you suppose, as bikini season is on the horizon.  And you could forego your wish, you suppose, because it hasn’t come true yet, so what’s the point?

Are you kidding?  You deserve your cake and you deserve to eat it, too.  And wouldn’t you rather waste your breath than waste a wish?  So here goes…huff, and puff, and…

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