Found: My Very Own Good One

by Amy on April 1, 2011 · 3 comments

It started on eHarmony.  After nearly closing out my account for disgust over the grim selection of mate potential as of late, I begrudgingly checked my latest matches just in case Prince Charming had grown sick of dating princesses and decided to open an eHarmony account.  And suddenly there he was on my computer screen, Jackson from Franklin, Tennessee. On paper, Jackson had it all: in my preferred age range, photos that supported his age claim, a veterinarian by trade specializing in small animals, three rescue cats at home, an eagerness for fatherhood, and a love of homemade cake, which just happens to be my specialty. He was looking for a woman who, above all, loves to laugh, and secondarily to that, has brownish-blonde curlyish hair that never cooperates, green eyes that grow greener from tears, freckles on her shoulders that multiply exponentially in the summer months, prefers walking to running so she can smell the roses along the way, sings on pitch in the shower, has multiple spelling bee victories on her resume, and consumes chocolate as fuel.

Still reluctant to believe my good fortune, I struck up a(n electronic) conversation.  Turns out Jackson from Franklin was as witty on demand as he was when prepped.  We emailed into the next week, then agreed to meet for a glass of wine at Rumour’s East Wine Bar.  In person, he looked EXACTLY LIKE HIS PROFILE PHOTOS.  Same weight, same hair thickness, same hair color and everything.

Things he did right on our date: 1) laughed in all the right places, 2) drank just enough to warm his cheeks but not enough to convert into a frat-boy version of himself, 3) ate voraciously and knowledgeably without belching once, and 4) smoothly picked up the check without any awkward “I’ll pay, no, I’ll pay!” dancing required. Things he did not do wrong on our date: 1) spittle on me, 2) talk through a mouthful of food, 3) get spinach stuck in his teeth, 4) bore me with tales of his high school glory days, or 5) whine about his exes.

“I was a little surprised that you’d be interested in me, given I’m the same age as you,” I confessed at one point.  “Most men our age are interested in younger women.”

“I want a woman with the wisdom and maturity to match my age and intellect,” he replied.  “Besides, I’m ready to settle down and have a family.  I’d like to get started on that right away.  On top of that, I was impressed with your independent spirit and career success.  I was also particularly interested in your brownish-blonde curlyish hair that never cooperates and the multiple spelling bee victories on your resume.  For some reason I’ve always loved women with a strong spelling background.”

At the end of our date, he kissed me softly on the lips, and it was magic, like in the movies.  He then waited the perfect amount of time, 24 hours (soon enough to assure me of his interest, not so soon as to freak me out), to contact me again.  When he did, it wasn’t by text or Facebook post or even email.  Instead, he rang.  Yes, called me, on the phone, like a true gentleman.  “How about a walk this weekend at Percy Warner Park so we can stop and smell the roses?  I’ll bring a chocolate picnic. By the way, I find it refreshing that you prefer to walk over running. Women who are too athletic aren’t for me.”

On this the first day of April, 2011, a Good One is found.  What was I so worried about all this time?

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Marcie Allison April 1, 2011 at 6:45 pm

Yo, chicka, this better not be an April Fool’s joke! If so, you suck. If not, SO HAPPY FOR YOU! And, it’s an easy day to remember your first date!!! Wow. He’s for reals? Stunned.

Debbie Stovall April 1, 2011 at 10:50 pm

Sounds like a dream come true!! I’m happy for you, gives me hope for my own happy ending!! A girl can dream….

Marge Everhart April 2, 2011 at 12:38 am

OK … I am Amy’s Mom; I have been with her the past week and a half. Not one time did I hear mention of a “guy” in her life. April Fool, Amy??? Nasty trick.

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