Love: The Reason Bridget Jones Is My Hero (and Why I Will Watch the Royal Wedding)

by Amy on April 28, 2011 · 0 comments

Here is why Bridget Jones is my hero, why I laughed aloud and marked passages when I first read her diary and why I’ve read it countless times since:  Because Bridget, as the refreshingly flawed girl-like-us, reminded us modern Singletons that it’s okay, even in this world when girls can do and be anything, to want our own Mark Darcy, that it’s only normal and certainly not weak to care about love…or the pursuit thereof.  (This while pursuing our own careers as top barristers and media personalities, of course.)

Lest you pshaw and dismiss me as one of those boy-crazy types, you should know that I tend to be more like Bridget’s friend Sharon, the “who needs a man?” type, brimming with ambition and fierce independence and the first to question whether a friend should date that jerk.  But beneath the I Am Woman exterior, I’m a sucker for a good love story.

Thirty years ago when I arose in the pre-dawn hours in my Strawberry Shortcake nightie to watch a lady in a land far away become a princess, the world didn’t question why I should care.  Fast forward three decades to this week and every other entry on Facebook is why the royal wedding doesn’t matter and why you wouldn’t be caught dead watching.

Just so you know, tomorrow I will unabashedly arise at 3 a.m., pour myself a Pimm’s cocktail, turn on the TV and obsess, alongside a couple of my single girlfriends, over every detail of commoner Kate’s marriage to her handsome Prince William.  Not because there aren’t more important issues in the world on which to dwell, but because, for a few short hours, the news on my TV will be about love, about happily ever after, about an ordinary girl like us and her extraordinary fate.  Who knows how this fairy tale will end, but at least for now it’s a love story, and a true one at that, a chick flick come to life—and how often these days do we get to witness that?

Hours later I’ll go back to drafting contracts and taking client phone calls and acting all serious.  And that’s the great fun about being a modern girl.

Hurrah for love!  V. good.

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