Forget Writer’s Block…I Have Boyfriend Block

by Amy on September 12, 2011 · 0 comments

Dear fellow Good Ones,

You may have noticed that I’ve been pretty near AWOL from this blog and my Good Ones Facebook page in recent weeks.  This is not because I’ve suddenly become With Boyfriend or anything wild and crazy like that.  Nah, the same old single me has been strolling through my single life like always, applying mascara each time I leave the house just in case, carrying on whole conversations with my cats, devouring this juicy season of Bachelor Pad, ridiculing the options on Match and eHarmony but holding out hope each time I open the sites that donkeys really do fly and this time Mr. Right will suddenly appear in cyberland.

Except in recent weeks, each time I’ve dusted off my typing fingers to dash out a blog entry bemoaning the lack of Good Ones or quote an inspirational movie line about how to find one, my mind has gone…

Blank.  Blankety blank.

That’s because I’ve entered one of those phases of singlehood we all experience every so often, that phase I’ll call Boyfriend Block.  Like the writer who suffers the periodic blank page, singletons suffer the periodic blank mate slate.  It suddenly seems I’ve virtually exhausted all my options and there is not a single man on earth who floats my boat.

Oh, it’s seemed like that on occasion in the past, so I know this, too, shall pass, but right now I’m plumb out of ideas short of setting up shop in a convent.  To the point where even my fantasies have gone blank.  Even the ones about George Clooney.  I even need a new George Clooney, for heaven’s sake.

I need inspiration.  I need a fluttering heartbeat and blushing cheeks and a reason to stalk someone on Facebook.  I need ideas.  I need a face to picture as I’m falling asleep at night and silence to curse when the phone doesn’t ring.  I need a plotline.  I need a chance sighting at the coffee shop and an accidental kiss after an extra glass of wine.

They say the best way to cure writer’s block is to just keep writing.

So that’s what I’ll do.

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