Falling Back…a Possible Explanation

by Amy on November 6, 2011 · 0 comments

His name was Scott, and he was not from my Tiny Town (population 1,000) but, ever more excitingly, a Small Town (population 10,000) 60 miles away.  Naturally I promptly set my sights on him.  Plus, he and I had attended the same computer camp back when we were 11, even though he likely didn’t have such a clear memory of this connection as I.  Not to mention he had dark spiky hair and matching eyes (dark, that is, not spiky), just like I liked ‘em best.

Never mind that he had zero inkling that I, nothing but a girl from a Tiny Town, existed.  Never mind that he was dating a cute cheerleader from his own school.  I, after all, was a cute cheerleader, too, so there was that glimmer of hope.

For the better part of our senior year, a group of us from my Tiny Town trekked to his Small Town to cruise the main drag in hopes of running into Scott and our other chosen Boys from Out of Town (but were usually relegated to munching on chocolate PopTarts and singing along to the likes of “Unskinny Bop” and Warrant’s “Heaven”).

Once during a party at another Tiny Town in between our towns we even crossed paths, and in the manner of a Hollywood teen movie we narrowly escaped when the party was “busted” by the cops, diving into the darkness together (with a group of three or four others, but nevertheless still “together” officially in my book, which I made happen with great effort).  Another occasion I got up the guts to call him (long distance without my mother’s permission), and I sounded like a total moron and had nothing to say except “um,” but I did announce who I was rather than just breathe into the phone, which I thought was fairly courageous of me.

How thrilled was I that he ended up going to the SAME COLLEGE AS ME.  The first weekend of college, we (with a group of three or four others, but nevertheless still “we” officially in my book, which I made happen with great effort) ventured to a frat party.  This was it.  Cute Cheerleader was miles away at Some Other School, and the first day of the rest of my love life was about to finally start…I could feel it.

My new college sweatshirt was so new it smelled like it, and my hair was freshly permed into spirals.  The night air was streaked with rain and the ground was layered with wet leaves.  The party was in full swing down a set of stairs in the basement of the frat house, and I entered in front of my chosen one.

Slipping, falling backward and sliding all the way down the stairs on my a**.

Just one of many examples of my love life falling backward like clockwork. Good thing we can count on springing forward with equal regularity. May we weather the fall with a sense of humor as we know spring is always just around the corner.

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