What We Singles Can Learn from Tebow (A Pep Talk)

by Amy on January 14, 2012 · 0 comments

I wasn’t raised on football like the rest of you (gasp!), and I had no clue who in the world this Tim Tebow person was until long after the rest of the world. He’s become impossible not to know, though, and today someone passed along from a recent Tebow speech his philosophy for success: 1) take action; 2) live with passion; 3) finish strong. These motivating tips are not rocket science, but why do we singles have such a hard time applying them?

Now team, listen up! Here’s a quiz to see if you’re a Tebow on the field of love:

TAKE ACTION. You’re at the gym lifting weights, and the guy on whom you’ve had your carefully-mascaraed-without-looking-like-it eye for weeks lifts weights next to you in the mirror and pauses between sets at exactly the same time as you. You:

a. Stare straight ahead and keep your headphones clamped firmly over your ears. Talking is scary!
b. Grab a heavier set of weights and show off, grunting a bit for effect. Your biceps look really hot, you must admit. Surely he’ll notice.
c. Take off your headphones and ask him something. Anything.

LIVE WITH PASSION. What are you doing today?

a. Sitting around bemoaning the fact that you have no one to share it with.
b. Watching TV and eating corn chips.
c. Scuba-diving, volunteering, planting basil, or whatever it is that makes YOU happiest. Because that’s just automatically attractive without even trying.

FINISH STRONG. You’ve gone on a first date. On date two, you:

a. Date two? The first date was exhausting enough, and besides, you could tell right away he’s not the right one for you. Can you say SPINACH-BETWEEN-TEETH?
b. Wear your shortest skirt and drink too much wine.
c. Dare to go on one and get to know him better.

If you answered all A’s, you need to put on your big-girl panties and stop letting fear paralyze your love life.
If you answered all B’s, you are just annoying, and I needed a second category for the quiz. Obviously B is just the wrong answer.
If you answered all C’s, you are most Tebow-like. Congratulations!

(Confession: I answered A, C, and A. But I’m working on it.)

Go, team! Get out there and make me proud! You can do it!

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