Love in Its Many Forms: Introducing My Little Valentine

by Amy on February 14, 2013 · 3 comments

This year on Valentine’s Day, this single girl will not…

…wear all black,

…or bemoan her lonesomeness,

…or play sad love songs on her iPod at the gym while stealing wistful glances at that guy oblivious to her the next treadmill over,

…or elevate chocolate above sex because the former is more accessible (although she undoubtedly will eat some chocolate and, let’s face it, chocolate is damn near perfect and pretty hard to beat),

…or feel left out as flowers are delivered to every other woman around her at the office while she sucks away on yet another Hershey’s Special Dark Kiss from the pile on her desk,

…or brazenly declare her independence, because who needs a man, anyway, and Valentine’s Day is a dumb holiday.

That’s because this year on Valentine’s Day, this single girl has a new man in her life! What say you…single girl + man? However does that work?

I’m only going to say this once (or at least not a whole lot), and I’ve been hesitant to say it at all for fear that this singles blog will turn into yet another mommy blog (that’s a topic for an entirely different book)…but as I lie here in bed early on the morn of Valentine’s Day 2013, I must finally confess that I am not alone.  From what seems like the very depths of my soul but is in fact the depths of my swollen lower abdomen comes the pitter-patter of tiny hiccups.  Any minute (or day) now, my little man-to-be will send shooting pains contracting around my uterus and I will grab my long-packed suitcase and dash off to the hospital in a panic to finally meet my tiny new Valentine face to face.  And I already know it will be love at first sight.

Gosh, it was so cliché, but I was getting to that age where Mr. Right just didn’t seem to be coming…I’d seen so many of my friends move through that stage and onto the other side of fertility, in some cases content that their role in life was not to be a mommy, but in other cases, as some have expressed to me with tears shining in their eyes, wondering what might have been. For me, at least, I didn’t want to wonder, or regret that I’d waited too long and “missed the boat.” Fast-forward nine months and here I am, this independent chronic single girl about to have the constant presence of a new little man by her side.

Have I given up on finding the Darcy to my Elizabeth, the Danny to my Sandy, the Harry to my Sally?  Not at all.  In fact, I’m excited to see what the new circle of eligible single daddies adds to the realm of romantic possibilities…when I’m ready to get back out there. But I love not feeling the pressure to have to find a baby daddy. Instead, when I’m ready, I can look for compatibility, for a friend, for love, plain and simple. Maybe I’ll find him when I’m 50, or 70, but at least I won’t have this arbitrary ticking clock of a deadline beating in my heart.

But on this Valentine’s Day I’m not pining away for romance (although I may just pop out to the kitchen in a minute to find some dark chocolate).  On this Valentine’s Day, my heart is too full of this new and unfamiliar love…the natural and instinctive and unconditional love of a mommy for this little heartbeat radiating inside me.

On this Valentine’s Day, single friends, may you cherish love in all its different forms, whether you’ve a date with your own Darcy, or a son or a daughter or a niece or a nephew with whom to decorate sugar cookies in pinks and purples, or a mom or a dad you don’t call often enough who deserves a ring, or a batch of great girlfriends and a shared bottle of champagne and the last few episodes of “The Bachelor” on DVD, or your best feline or canine pal who bestows on you loving purrs or sloppy kisses when you arrive home from work.

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Cindy February 14, 2013 at 7:40 am

Love this Amy! Congratulations and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Joanne Moyle February 14, 2013 at 8:21 am

What a beautiful tribute to the most awe-inspiring valentine you could ever wish for. <3
Sending warm wishes (and the finest dark chocolate:) ) to you both today! Joanne

Marcie March 13, 2013 at 9:51 pm

I know you’ve found a new man in life to love, your sweet, adorable, son. I’m so ecstatic for you and now a new chapter will unfold & a new kind of love for the male species. I wish you all the happiness in the world, my friend!

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