The Point

October 9, 2011

There’s a certain point at the end of the first four miles into my favorite hike, a point at the crest of the long and winding path, a perch, if you will. At this particular point rests a bench dedicated to someone who once loved this park as much as I do, a bench I’ve [...]

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Forget Writer’s Block…I Have Boyfriend Block

September 12, 2011

Dear fellow Good Ones, You may have noticed that I’ve been pretty near AWOL from this blog and my Good Ones Facebook page in recent weeks.  This is not because I’ve suddenly become With Boyfriend or anything wild and crazy like that.  Nah, the same old single me has been strolling through my single life [...]

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When You Least Expect It?

August 12, 2011

Haven’t heard from Chicago Correspondent Marcie in a while…could it be because Marcie has found herself a…gasp…Good One? Read on, dear reader, and find out for yourself… “When you least expect it…” I’m sure when you hear this trite remark as a single person from your smug married friends about how they found love, it [...]

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Why I Expect Only the Best

June 19, 2011

He was instinctively thoughtful. Men up North aren’t born knowing to open the door for a girl, to back into the corner of the elevator so she can exit first, to run and get the car from three blocks away and pick her up in the most frigid of weather, to walk on the outside [...]

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Angie + Jeff: When Things Don’t Go as Planned

May 22, 2011

Angie and Jeff, like most kids, probably grew up expecting that one day each would get married.  Maybe at one point they even imagined they would marry each other, because Jeff was the lucky recipient of Angie’s first kiss when they were in high school.  They did each marry, just not each other, and they [...]

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‘Don’t Be Afraid to Go Out Looking’ and Other Love Lessons from My Mother

May 8, 2011

My mother in one word: Fearless. When she was a kid her mom chased her with a broom for daring to utter the word “sex” in her strict Catholic household. She brought home the bacon and lived a happily independent co-existence with my equally independent father during their nearly 40 years of marriage. When my [...]

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Love: The Reason Bridget Jones Is My Hero (and Why I Will Watch the Royal Wedding)

April 28, 2011

Here is why Bridget Jones is my hero, why I laughed aloud and marked passages when I first read her diary and why I’ve read it countless times since:  Because Bridget, as the refreshingly flawed girl-like-us, reminded us modern Singletons that it’s okay, even in this world when girls can do and be anything, to [...]

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Found: My Very Own Good One

April 1, 2011

It started on eHarmony.  After nearly closing out my account for disgust over the grim selection of mate potential as of late, I begrudgingly checked my latest matches just in case Prince Charming had grown sick of dating princesses and decided to open an eHarmony account.  And suddenly there he was on my computer screen, [...]

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A Girl, Her iPod, and 5 (Make That 5.5) Miles

March 27, 2011

“Leave a message after the tone.”  BEEP!  “Hey, sister, I’m about to tackle the five-mile in Percy Warner Park, so if you don’t hear from me by, say, nightfall, send a search party.” Mile .1.  Johnny Lee, “Lookin’ for Love.” No babyish 1.2-mile walk for me today.  I’m playing with the big boys: the FIVE-mile [...]

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Cures for the Friday-Night Lonelies

March 11, 2011

It’s Friday night, and you look up from the computer screen you’ve been staring into since Monday morning, rub your eyes and realize…that you forgot to make Friday-night plans.  You picture the whole world out on the patio of a gigantic earth-sized Mexican restaurant drinking margaritas and dipping chips into guac without you. And suddenly [...]

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