Meet the Author

Name: Amy Everhart

Home: Nashville, Tennessee

Qualifications: Absurdly Average Single Girl…Shoe size: 7½ • Height: 5’5” • Weight: TBD • Book I tell everyone is my favorite: Pride & Prejudice • Favorite book for real: Bridget Jones’ Diary • Biggest childhood influence: Grease • Celebrity crush: Kyle Chandler from Friday Night Lights • Pet of choice: The cat • Favorite recipe to make for dining solo: S’mores • Favorite recipe to make for a date: Goat-cheese chicken enchiladas • Favorite chick flick: Love Actually • Living-room couch fabric: Orange with flowers • Age of TV in living room: 11 years • iPod confession: “Holding out for a Hero” from Footloose • Cupcake worth waiting in line for: Strawberry with cream-cheese frosting • Harry Potter or Twilight? Def. Harry • Last year’s Halloween costume: Flashdance girl

Years of Experience: Thirty-(cough, cough)

Education: Small-town show-choir geek, cheerleader, award-winning speller (until “rutabaga” tripped me up), last to be picked for the softball team (except when second-to-last), didn’t always have a boyfriend but always had a prom date

Childhood Goals: To become a ballerina or Loretta Lynn, to never chew gum in class

Adulthood Goals: To take pilates, to sing a duet with Loretta Lynn, to chew gum in class, and, if there’s time left over, to find a Good One

My Good One: Former-nerd-turned-hunk who doesn’t know it, good-to-the-bone, laughs when I intend it, spells like a champ, smells like soap, and, as long as we’re dreaming, has hair the color of a Hershey Special Dark Bar (it’s my dream — I can make it look like whatever I want)

Approach to Good-One Hunting: Passive (Read: Sit at the next table over from him and hope he notices)

If you’re not sick of me, me, me yet, check out my website and GreenerGrass blog on topics non-boy-crazy here.